Justice and equality in planning

Publishing date: 17/05/2018

As the national address for the Arab minority on issues of planning, land, housing, and development, ACAP works to decrease the gap that exits in the planning process between Jewish and Arab towns and works to achieve equality in planning in issues that relate to the Arab minority. This is done mainly through its watch dog function. ACAP acts as a watchdog to systematically monitor, evaluate, respond, challenge and follow-up all state plans and decisions that adversely affect the Arab minority, advocate for changes and amendments in discriminatory plans according to alternative visions developed be ACAP`s planning professionals and public representatives, and file objections to appeal committees and courts against any abuse of planning-human rights.

In order to implement this watchdog function, ACAP works to raise public awareness of Arab planners, municipality engineers and leaders, community activists, and public figures regarding any State plans that adversely affect their communities and work with these communities to write legal objections  against implementation of such plans.

ACAP initiates media campaigns, dialogue, lobbying efforts, and the creation of coalitions to advocate State planning institutions and decision makers to:

· Legislate more democratic principles and polices towards the Arab minority regarding the allocation of resources and public lands, equality in representation, transparency in planning procedures, and social and environmental justice in planning.

· Accept filed legal objections against plans and polices that discriminate against the Arab minority and abuse basic rights in planning.

· Accept alternative plans and solutions that better suit the genuine needs of the Arab minority.