This page presents viewers with socio-demographic information about Arab towns and villages in Israel.

The Data Base is divided into three different tracks:

1.    The first track presents the planning status, including social and economic aspects that connect to planning.

For each village, data is included on the following variables:

  • Area  
  • Used developed land. (land used for building)
  • Jurisdiction area
  • National and regional planning status

Data collection is done continuously and updated regularly.

2.    The second track includes general information regarding Arab towns and villages. The towns are divided into districts, and each district in itself contains a number of Arab towns and villages.

Data includes: population, socio-economic status, jurisdiction area, average age of population, growth rate percentage, percentage of high school graduates with a Bagrut, number of houses, amount of water per individual, number of private cars, municipality budget per individual.

3.    The third category gives data regarding unrecognized villages in the Negev. It includes the villages names and information about each individual town. In addition, information is given about recognized municipalities and regional councils that often include a number of unrecognized villages.