Sustainable Planning and Resource Management.

Publishing date: 16/05/2018

One of ACAP`s goals is to work for the achievement of sustainable resources and equality in the division between resources between the Arab minority and the Jewish majority. Promoting equitable planning procedures and processes that promote equitable allocation of resources and improved access to planning information is a main goal of ACAP.  ACAP implements both professional planning activities and independent research to work to achieve a sustainable future in the field of planning.   Within this sphere of work, ACAP implements planning research to examine and understand predominant issues and problems, in various spheres of life including economic, social, educational, environment, health, and employment, that affect the development of Arab communities.

Achieving suitable planning and proper resource management is done through professional planning activities and research that is based on the importance of public outreach and education of civilians regarding certain issues and problems that have to do with planning  rights.  This is done through:

·Organization of seminars, conferences , study days and training workshops to raise awareness of Arab planners, municipality engineers and leaders, community activists, and public figures regarding planning issues that affect their townships and ways to cope with these problems.

·Implementation of workshop series that initiate dialogue between State planners, government officials, and professionals and Arab planners, professionals, and municipal leadership in order to develop mutual understanding, awareness, and cooperation regarding planning issues.

·Implementation of various initiatives that aim to raise public awareness and education regarding planning, including offering scholarships to encourage Arab students to pursue higher education and conduct graduate research studies in urban planning, specifically on planning issues and dilemmas that exist in the Arab sector, hosting university students as volunteer interns, among others.