Partnership for Peace

Publishing date: 16/05/2018

"Partnership For peace", is a joint project financially supported by the European Union.  The project involves cooperation between The Arab Center for Alternative Planning and The Applied Research Institute- Jerusalem (ARIJ) on the project "Sustainable Planning as a Tool to Promote Dialogue and Cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis."   This project researches the affect that sustainable planning has on improvement of live standards and cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli (Arab and Jewish).

The  project is implemented over the duration of three years, through three working groups in three different cities that all include research in sustainable planning. These cities are: Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Nazareth Elite.  The Project is trying to implement a comparison between all three cities in the field of planning, social and economic conditions. The project's goal is to eventually create a joint guidelines document on sustainable planning and how such planning can improve the lifestyle of the society.

The projects rationale is that dialogue and debate create coherent positions about issues relating to sustainability and common positions.

Working groups are used as a tool to create dialogues between various parts of the Israeli and Palestinian society, regarding issues that affect the lives of everyone. Such issues include: community, education, and the economy.

Each work group is comprised of 10-15 individuals from each individual city.  The individuals include social activists, and experts and professionals from various fields.